Urban Cohousing Associates

Urban Cohousing Associates Inc. (UCA) was established by Chris ScottHanson in 2010 to replace Cohousing Resources, LLC.  UCA is associated with Connexus Cohousing Collaborative and works closely with Jasen Robillard, its principal.

Chris ScottHanson, Principal

Chris Scott-HansenChris is a respected leader in cohousing development in North America and author of The Cohousing Handbook: Building a Place for Community. A development consultant since 1981, Chris has a broad range of experience in all aspects of multifamily housing, from land acquisition through construction. Chris has evaluated over 2,000 properties and assisted more than 35 cohousing groups across North America with all aspects of the cohousing development process. Chris prefers front end project planning and land acquisition, as well as finding and developing the business relationships with local project professionals, including developers, contractors, architects, engineers and lawyers.

Jasen Robillard, Associate

Jasen RobillardJasen is an Associate at Urban Cohousing Associates, Inc, and principal at Connexus Cohousing Collaborative. He manages the Canadian business interests and acts as lead contact for cohousing groups seeking advice and consulting services vis­-à -vis land acquisition, group formation, and residential development project management. His past project management experience in environmental, geotechnical, and geological engineering consulting together with his background in software training, group facilitation, and community organization leadership provides the broad skill base required to lead a cohousing project to completion.

Chris ScottHanson Experience

Professional Interests and Expertise Real Estate, Development, Project Management & Construction Client Service Training Land Search & AcquisitionProject Planning & Budgeting Feasibility Complete Project Management and Construction Supervision Professional Team Selection & Management Chris ScottHanson is accomplished real estate, development and construction professional with 30+ years of success in the multi-family housing industry. Hands-on industry knowledge of all project phases from land acquisition through sign off and turnover. An extensive list of projects with budgets … To Read More …