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Prairie Spruce Commons

Architectural Rendering Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing

Architectural Rendering Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing

Our current project is Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing in Regina, Saskatchewan, the first cohousing community in Regina. The rendering above is the final design.

The Community

Part of cohousing philosophy and design is to be more ecologically sustainable. By designing smaller private units and sharing common space and amenities we can reduce, among other things, our consumption of construction materials and energy for heating and cooling. Because cohousing is resident designed, the final product typically reflects the values of the community members. It also reflects the site on which it is located.

During several workshops with the architects and consultants we defined our values and desires for our home. Our desire to maximize natural light and have access to green space is reflected in the initial schematic design. This current design includes 27 private units, with full kitchens, varying in size from small bachelor suites to 2.5 bedroom suites.  All units are flat apartment style. The shared common space for community activities currently includes – a large common kitchen and dining room, workshop, children’s playroom, media/TV room, lounge, exercise room, office, sewing/craft room, common laundry, two guest rooms, garden space and outdoor terraces.


Prairie Spruce Commons is a cohousing community committed to building an apartment-style condominium intentionally designed to use resources wisely and to encourage cooperation as well as friendly interaction among residents and neighbors, individuals and families. This inclusive, safe and authentic community is one that respects, shares & cares.

WindSong Cohousing

Windsong Cohousing

WindSong Cohousing Community incorporates the best of urban and rural lifestyles. Our property is rich with indoor and outdoor beauty.

Our 34 townhomes are in two long rows facing each other across a pedestrian street. The common house is located midway between the north and south ends. Community streets are covered by a greenhouse-style glass roof enabling us to walk, talk, and play outdoors without getting wet, a significant factor in our west coast rainforest climate! Our building design encourages neighbourly interaction.

Our 5,000 sq. ft. common house includes an industrial kitchen, dining room, fireside lounge, playroom with loft and outdoor play structure, an arts & crafts room, workshop, laundry room, community office and board room, multi-purpose (exercise) room, media room, guest room, three washrooms, wheelchair ramps and an underground parking lot.

WindSong has a balance of public and private spaces. The dwellings are privately owned and each unit is self-contained with its own entrance and private kitchen. There is ample soundproofing between units.

ENERGYBrightly painted stairs at Windsong.
Our design incorporates energy-saving elements such as clustered homes and the glass-covered pedestrian street.
Other features include low-flush toilets and environmentally friendly building materials.

WindSong has preserved 4 acres in its natural state. Yorkson Creek runs through our forest and wetland areas providing habitat for birds, beavers and fish. Our site features many native plant species. We have organic vegetable gardens, lawns, fruit trees, and play spaces for children.

Composting bins are located in the north and south gardens. Recycling bins are located near the main garbage collection area to recycle paper, glass, cans, and some plastic. Beverage containers and batteries are collected inside for drop-off at the nearby depot.