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Winslow Cohousing

Winslow Cohousing ExteriorWinslow Cohousing in Bainbridge, Washington includes 30 homes: 10 townhouse duplexes with 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes; a fourplex with 1 and 2 bedroom townhouse homes; and the Carriage house with 6 flats of varied sizes. Homes range from 518 to 1500 square feet. Floor plans are similar throughout the village, and many homes have the capacity for some expansion. The duplex and fourplex homes have exclusive use areas (backyards) behind them, with all kitchens facing the walkways, courtyards, and green areas where children can play and neighbors can visit or stroll.

Environmental Concerns

Buildings are sited near each other and parking is located in one corner to preserve wooded areas and open space. Paved lanes connect all the homes, creating the pedestrian neighborhood. All construction is to strict energy-saving standards, and radiant floor heating is standard. Our refuse/recycle center and composting/worm bin projects are part of our care of the environment. Our landscaping uses drought-resistant, hardy, native species, edible by human or wildlife whenever possible. No fertilizers or toxic products are allowed on our land.

Common Spaces and FacilitiesWinslow Cohousing Interior

An integral part of the Cohousing concept is our centrally located 5,000 square foot community Common House. The Common House has dining and meeting space, a large kitchen, a recreation room for children, a fully equipped community office, a guest room, a quiet space, an exercise area, and a laundry for those who do not want laundry facilities in their homes. The orchard is flourishing near the large, sunny community garden. We also have an acre of woods, a children’s playground, a basketball area, a pottery studio, and a workshop.